Ag Programming

5:50am American Dairy Report
6:10am Linder Farm Network
7:05am Linder Farm Update
7:20am Auction Calendar
8:10am Linder Early Markets
9:33am Linder Farm Opening Markets
10:30am Linder Farm Network
11:30am Linder Farm Network
12:02pm Midday Report
12:15pm Wall Street to Mainstreet
12:27pm Successful Farming
12:30pm Linder Farm Midday
1:35pm Linder Farm Closing


Weekly Features

Outburst JR. with Kara, Collin and Bill
Weather Guru with Morey, Collin and Bill
Sportsman’s Report with Carmen
Nordstrom’s Motor Medics
Bill VanHoecke’s special brand of music, news and entertainment. Lots of Music, Weird News, Closing Markets at 1:30, It’s Here or There about 1:45 ,Triple Play at 2:08 – 3 songs in a row from the same artist non-stop, More Weird News, 5 Things You Need To Know
New Music Monday with Bill VanHoecke

KLOH Sunday Programming

5:03am Minnesota Matters
6:00am Cross Country Music Program with Mylan Ray
7:30am Christ the King Free Lutheran, Pipestone, MN
8:00am Reformed Witness Hour
8:30am Faith Mountain Ministries
9:30am First Christian Reformed Church, Edgerton, MN
10:30am First Lutheran Church, Pipestone, MN
11:30am St. Paul Lutheran Church, Pipestone, MN
5:30 pm Minnesota Military Radio
6:30 pm First Christian Reformed Church, Edgerton, MN

Linder Farm Network
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  • Farm Coverage
  • Documented Listenership
  • Quality In-Depth Farm Programming
  • Farm Broadcasters

Reasons to Listen to Linder Farm Network

  1. In-Depth Farm Reports
  2. Ketelsen Comments
  3. Live Reports on Location
  4. Agricall: Farmers Call in With Opinions
  5. Outlook Reports
  6. Daily Market Analysts
  7. Staff Meteorologist-StuMuck
  8. Feeder Pig Reports
  9. Meeting Coverage
  10. Extensive Crop Updates