City of License: Pipestone, MN
Power:100,000 watts 24 hours a day
Format:  Oldies Channel
Target: 25-64+ year olds
Coverage: serving over 1 million potential customers in 75 counties in 3 states (MN, SD & IA)
Network Affiliates: AP Radio Network

Why We Work For You

We can reach prospective clients and customers easier and faster, where other mediums cannot. Radio can travel with people any where they go. We are your  Oldies Channel radio station! When you want to hear the best Rock n’ Roll oldies, set your dial on 98.7 FM. KISD FM covers over 75 counties in three states, including 500 interstate miles, taking you through your workday and wherever you travel.

Wallace Christensen Broadcasting KISD FM Radio does not discriminate in sale of advertising on the basis of race or ethnicity. Effective March 14, 2011, any provision in any order or agreement for advertising that purports to discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity is void.