Joel Herrig

Announcer/Marketing Consultant/Sports

Joel HerrigWelcome to my Bio. I hope over the next few minutes I do not bore you to much or in case of my kids I dont embarass them to much….wait I don’t mind doing that much at all. I began working at KJOE in the Fall of 1994 and though my roles over the years have changed my enjoyment for what I do continues. I love working with the people I work with and the buisnesses we serve throughout the year. With all the time one invests in a profession it is important to enjoy the work you do and in my case I can’t imagine doing anything else.

My family consists of four great kids who enjoy filling my day with all the ups and downs only children can give. With three daughters and one son who will soon all be in school I can only thank those teachers who will get to enjoy them seven hours a day like I have for the past 8 years. Vanessa, Hannah, Bridgette, and Simon keep life very busy and interesting in my house. My wife Paula is wonderfull and some how keeps the home life as chaotic as it is a great place to come home everyday.

What would one find me doing when not at a sporting event or at work? I love to read but I have found that once I start a book I can’t stop. I struggle to put books down and its not odd (if I am reading something new) to find me reading at all hours. I usually dont start new books until its a weekend when sleep is easier to come by. Some know that I love to cook which I learned from my Grandmother Herrig. If it wouldn’t have been for radio I would probably have been a chef. This hobby is something I share with my kids who love to help especially Hannah who loves to help. In the summer I can be found at the pool or a baseball field. I coach legion baseball in Slayton during the summer months and the kids and I are at Slaytona Beach West nearly every day. I also love to go to movies of all kinds.

Thanks for listening every day to KJOE Radio and thanks for taking your time to read this.

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