Jeff Erickson

Announcer/Marketing Consultant

I remember first pretending to be on the radio when I was about eight. Now I spend my time pretending to actually be working when I’m at the radio station.

Jeff Erickson

I grew up in Jackson, Minnesota and attended college at Southwest State (now SMSU) in Marshall. My beautiful bride and I met as camp counselors on Lake Shetek where I spent seven of the best summers of my life. I “stumbled” into KJOE in 1994. I enjoy hosting the morning show with Joel (most days….90%) and working with different businesses of the area.

I use my real name on KJOE, although Uncle Bernie Weime thought I should be Eric Jefferson instead. I also enjoy working with Cousin Bill, Brother Mylan and the whole staff at Christensen Broadcasting. They might not say the same about me though. 

My wife (Super Mom) is a school teacher at Murray County Central and we have three boys (Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3). We live on the “ranch” near Slayton and enjoy camping, golfing, fishing, running and attending most all area events. I also announce a lot of events and dj wedding dances.

Of the following five things about me……four are true and one is false. I promise.

1. I sat in President Reagan’s chair in the oval office and visited with him.

2. Mary, the oldest daughter from the TV show Little House on the Prairie, turned down my marriage proposal, but said thanks.

3. I like mushrooms on everything.

4. Moments before the Daytona 500, one of the drivers called me on my cell when I was ice fishing on Shetek.

5. My favorite color is blue.

 Movies I enjoy are Dances with Wolves, Field of Dreams, Apollo 13, Groundhog Day and a several others. My least favorite movie is Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I’m a Twins fan always, Vikings fan sometimes and Timberwolves/Wild fan when they are in the playoffs. 

To donate money to my boys college funds, just drop off a check.

Thanks for listening to KJOE.

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