Britany Moser

Announcer/Marketing Consultant

I was born here in Pipestone and raised in Tyler, Minnesota. Growing up with my family owning and operating the radio station, it was inevitable that I would form a great love for music.  I grew up listening to 98.7 oldies radio, now the oldies channel, and our two country stations 1050 and 106.1. .  I have been singing since I can remember, and if you ask the ladies in the front office, I still sing along with every song today. I have even been caught leaving the microphone on once or twice while belting out a Sugarland song on the radio, quite embarrassing but that’s me.  I pride myself on being able to identify a song from just a few lyrics and of course my knowledge of the great artist from the past. Some of my favorites being the Beatles, CCR, Johnny Cash, George Strait, I could go on and on but I’ll stop there.  When it comes to music I am not picky, I will listen to pretty much everything besides heavy metal and rap (is that really music anyway).  Even though I was completely obsessed with music I never planned on making it a career. In fact my love for animals trumped music and I dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. I started working in the family business in 2003 for spending cash when I was a sophomore in high school.  I remember the first time I had to go on the air and do my first show. My stomach was in knots and I think I almost threw up from the nerves.  Needless to say I had no plans on making it a full time career. I graduated from RTR High school in 2005 and started at SDSU that same year in hopes of becoming what I always dreamed of a veterinarian. After I stuck three years into science classes I had a revelation. I was pretty good at what I was already doing and as much as I fought it, I really enjoyed it being a DJ! So I totally changed directions and decided I was going to stick with what I knew, which was radio! So here I am working in the family business with hopes and dreams of taking Collins job someday and finally getting him out of here (I kid, I kid).  Even though working with family is always interesting, I thoroughly enjoy seeing my uncle (Collin) ,my sister (Katelyne) and my dad (Carmen) every day and every once in a while my grandfather (Wally) when he drops in from time to time. The radio station is a family business and one I am extremely proud of and love to be part of.

Currently you can hear me on all three stations. I am on KLOH from 5 to 10pm, KISD from Midnight to 6AM and KJOE Saturdays from Noon to 5.  Along with my on air shows I also am in charge of finding new country music for KLOH and KJOE and program the music for both stations as well. I find myself constantly tweaking and perfecting the music to really appeal to the listeners. I also am starting to dabble in the sales aspect of the radio station and really hope that someday I will be successful in sales.  I also enjoy taking calls when Mylan isn’t available to identify a song for someone. So feel free to call anytime you just can’t quite remember who sings a song or if you are searching for the title.

My husband Jeff and I currently live in Pipestone. We welcomed our son, Daxton into the world on December 30th 2011. He is wonderful and has thoroughly made our lives complete.  We also have two other kids, however they are of the fur variety; our German Shepherd Jersey and our rescue cat Monty.  With my free time I enjoy playing and coaching volleyball, watching my little sisters play sports, spending time with my family, listening to music (Of Course), vacationing in Canada and Texas, and watching the Vikes on Sundays.  SKOL!

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