Announcing KLOH

Announcing KLOH

Dalton E. “Rob” Nelson
General Manager
Rob started in radio some twenty years ago announcing. During the years he has written comedy for CBS shows, been an executive in advertising agencies and built a couple of radio stations. He attended the University of North Dakota and Northwestern University specializing in Merchandising.

Russ Odegaard
Production Manager
Russ began radio in the navy announcing for an Armed Forces Radio station in Cuba. After his discharge he studied radio further in Minneapolis and then to Pipestone. He fancies himself a comedian of sorts.

R. J. “Dick” Britsch
Office Manager
Dick came from Minot, North Dakota, land of oil wells. He studied office management there at the University of North Dakota. He used to edit a newspaper shortly after World War II.

Del Haugen
Studio Engineer
Del is another University of North Dakota man, plus DeVry Technical Institute, Cleveland Institute of Radio and American Institute of the Air. Also a ham operator.

Clarence Ausham
Chief Engineer
Clarence worked at KWOA and KELO and KELO-TV as a transmitter engineer, and served as a signal corps telephone lineman during World War II. He still ‘commutes’ between Pipestone and Worthington.

Henry “Hank” Alstrup
Program Director
Hank has spent most of his life as a photographer. He has the redeeming feature of having worked for the Pipestone Star. He graduated from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, and while there got his first taste of radio. He also happens to write occasionally and is a punster from way back. He’ll do most of his work outside the studio as a salesman.

James F. “Jim” Kauper
Commercial Manager
Jim began in the radio world by announcing. It wasn’t long after that when his talents showed up and took over as manager of his first station. Later, last year as a matter of fact, he joined the staff of WMFG Hibbing as their general manager. With a family of four children, he’s still looking for a house.

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