Wallace Christensen
EEO Exhibit


STATIONS KLOH — Pipestone, KISD — Pipestone, and KJOE– Slayton, MN

December 1, 2016 to November 30, 2017


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Wallace Christensen
EEO Exhibit
OUTREACH ACTIVITIES: December 1, 2016 to November 30, 2017

  1. Internship Program Available: provides high school or college students with training by station staff and management. Training includes announcing and production.
  2. On the Job Training: provides staff meetings for current employees designed to give them additional skills. Refresher courses in efficient voice tracking, producing creative impressions, role playing sales presentations and the use of new technology and equipment in broadcasting are held either for all staff or sometimes on a one-on-one basis. We also provided access to teaching webinars.
  3. Mentoring/Shadowing Program Available: in cooperation with the high school, provides high school students a close up working relationship with staff members, giving them information about and encouraging them to consider a career in broadcasting. We have elementary, middle school, and high school students do weekly on-air work in conjunction with announcing school news, 4-H activities and other student related activities. We participate in the Shadow program where any student from any school interested in careers in broadcasting are invited to participate on the air, shadowing our announcers.
  4. Internet Program: positions will be posted on our Internet web site, the Minnesota Broadcasters Association Job bank website, the EEO 1 website, and when they become available.
  5. On air announcements: letting people or organizations know how to contact us in the event they want to be notified of any job openings we might have during the year. We also have contact information on our website.
  6. Station Tours: given to interested civic and school groups where on air personalities and management inform about their jobs and broadcasting careers.
  7. Job Fairs: We participate in Job Fairs at the Pipestone High School in conjunction with the Pipestone Chamber of Commerce during Farm and Home Days.  We have station information and employment forms available.  We also give out information on the Wychor Broadcasting Scholarship given through the Minnesota Broadcasters Association we belong to,  and had applications available for interested students.

At Minnesota West Technical College in Pipestone, our announcers are available to speak to students about various careers in broadcasting.  Our personnel have given presentations on radio broadcasting to civic leaders and service organizations like the Kiwanis.