Pipestone LocationPipestone, Minnesota is 10 miles east of the South Dakota state line – 50 miles northeast of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It is home to KLOH.

In January 1955, the Federal Communications Commission granted permission to Pipestone Radio Corporation, C.B. Thomas, President, to construct a radio station with a power of 1,000 watts on 1050 kilocycles with the call letters of KLOH (“Land of Hiawatha”) In June of 1955, Dalton Nelson, station manager, put KLOH on the air.

In the early years, KLOH broadcast during daylight hours only. The first studio location was downtown Pipestone in a basement of a building next to the old Eagle Cafe. In 1961 the studio was moved to its present location west of Pipestone on Highway 30 at the twin towers site. In 1962, KLOH was purchased by Ingstad Corporation of Valley City, ND, Bob Ingstad Sr. President.

In 1965 Wallace Christensen took a position as an announcer, became Sales Manager, and then by 1972 was General Manager. In August 1976 he purchased the station from the Ingstads and is the present owner. During these years, KLOH has had major upgrades. One of the twin towers was moved and power was increased from 1,000 watts to 9,000 watts. Coverage was increased and KLOH started broadcasting in Stereo and 24 hours a day.

In 1980 a major building project was completed more than doubling the studio and office space. In May of 1998 a complete upgrade was done with the front office traffic and billing system computers.

In November of 1969 a sister station went on the air. Called KLOH FM at the time, it has now been renamed KISD and is on 98.7.

In 1993 another sister station went on the air. KJOE FM, broadcasting on 106.1, is located on Broadway Avenue in Slayton, MN.

KLOH, KISD, and KJOE are proud to be able to serve the over 650,000 avid listeners from southwest Minnesota, northeast Iowa, and southeast South Dakota. This 3 state, 35 county region is one of the best in the United States and our listeners are the best!

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